1. Buying products at the shop

1.1 Where can I buy products from you?

It’s easy to purchase online on our online store, just click, pay and the items will be on their way to you. Due to COVID-19, we are limiting self-collection options. Please purchase products such as frozen beef, mutton, chicken and frozen finger food order online.

1.2 What food items do you sell?

We sell a wide range of products such as beef knuckle (daging goreng), oxtail, beef shin (daging curry), beef chuck tender (patang pinang), boneless mutton leg, chicken boneless leg (chicken chop), chicken wing , lamb chop, lamb shoulder and frozen finger food like chicken frank, chicken nuggets and more. Please visit our product pages for more information about the products.

1.3 Do you accept NETS and credit cards?

We only accept major credit cards, PayNow and Bank Transfers on our online store

If you are purchasing it at our storefront only Cash and PayNow is accepted.

1.4 Return/refund Policy

Goods returns and exchanges only acceptable if the goods returned in their original packaging & in a resalable condition. Upon delivery, 1 day lead time to request for returns.

How can I claim $5 off my first order?

1. Create an account with us here:

2. Add products to your cart, view your cart here:

3. On the cart page, below the items that are in your cart, press the apply button next to the text stating, “use 100 points for a $5.00 discount on this order!"

4. Proceed to the checkout page, enter your address, delivery date and pay for your items. You will receive the order on the chosen date.

2. Delivery of products

2.1 Do you deliver products?

Yes. However, we do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Email: cssupport@csfoods.sg or call us at +(65) 6742 7354 or WhatsApp +(65) 9618 7217 for any enquiries.

2.2 Are there minimum quantity or delivery charges?

No minimum quantity is required. If your orders are above $100, there will be no delivery charges, just choose the delivery date (on the checkout page) and the items will be delivered to your address.

However, If you order $100 and less, there is a delivery charge:

  • $16.90 delivery fee for purchase below $40
  • $13.90 delivery fee for purchase between $40 and $60
  • $10.90 delivery fee for purchase between $61 and $99

Do call (+65 6742 7354) or email us at cssupport@csfoods.sg for more details.

2.3 What is the cut off and delivery timing?

You may order at any time 24/7. Cut off for next day delivery is 11:59 PM. Additionally, you may specify a different date on the checkout page up to 30 days away from the current date. Your delivery date will also be listed on your order confirmation email.

Delivery timing is from 12 PM – 7 PM.

2.4 What are the pickup timings?

Pick up timing from store are from 1 pm to 5 pm daily, except Sundays. You will be able to select a suitable time frame for pick up on the checkout page. There are no additional charges for store pick up.

3. Halal Certified products

3.1 Do you supply Halal-certified frozen food?

Of course! In fact, we carry only Halal-certified chilled and frozen food products. If you require you can ask us for the halal certificates for the frozen food products that you require. We have Muis halal certification for our cut products from Butcher’s Guide.

3.2 Do you have a Muis Halal Certification?

Yes, all our cutting items from our plant are Muis halal certified. Muis Halal Certification is voluntary and we carry only halal-certified products with certification from the various Halal-certification bodies so you can rest assure all items are Halal-certified.

Do note that we cannot place the original Halal-certified certificate at our Jalan Masjid shop as our processing plant is at another vicinity. However, you will be able to find the Muis Halal logo on our packaging for processed items.

3.3 Is Halal meat lousy in quality?

That’s a myth! (You can read our article) Try our Union Station Beef from Australia. It is an award-winning beef it's on of the top quality and it’s halal. It has been years that people try to misguide others due to business reasons. You are smart you know what I mean. 😛