Butcher’s Guide was founded by CS Foods to provide our customers with premium quality meat the way you want it. We specialise in all kinds of meat and provide exquisite and bespoke cutting services according to your needs. Whether you want your meat cut, cubed, sliced or minced, our highly skilled butchers will customize to your liking. With Butcher’s Guide, you no longer have to fret about handling meat because we are always here to make cooking easier for you. On top of the typical butchery services, our butchery experts also offer many professional services such as:

✔ Cutting and packing to all requirements
✔ Advice on costing and yields
✔ Advice on further processing
✔ Carcass appraisal
✔ Vacuum Packing


We have a 5,300 square foot facility located in Burn Road, Singapore certified by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore. Our production facility is equipped with high-tech machines to make sure that our production is efficient and most importantly, safe. We have a boiler machine that we use for sanitation in our operations to make sure that the equipment and the meat we are handling are always sanitised without the use of excessive chemicals. Within the same facility, we also have a freezer room and a chiller room that are closely monitored to make sure the temperature is always optimal for the storage of our meat. Our facility is built with the mission in mind to ensure the highest quality in our products.


We are steadfast in our mission of quality. Our cut products are meticulously prepared such that all the sinews are removed in the end products. Our minced products are 100% quality meat with no added ingredients such as water. Our meatballs and patties are uniquely crafted with our gourmet recipe to have the optimal blend of fats and meat to bring you the ultimate balance of flavour and juiciness. We are ISO 22000 certified and all our products are Halal-certified too.


Our dedicated butchers are highly trained in traditional hand-cutting methods – this allows us the flexibility to customize our services regardless of our requirements.

Kampong Flavours is our take on reviving traditional tastes, while giving them our own unique modern twist, to give our customers, both old and new, a bite of nostalgia back to the days.

Rolling out products that the taste buds crave but are not readily available, we aim to deliver an enriching palatable experience delivered right to the comfort of your home.

Fire Cracker Sauce

As the name suggests, it’s an explosion of flavour – a burst of spice, sweet, a touch of tang and savoury.

Korean Spicy Sauce

Our Korean spicy sauce tastes like authentic Korean Bibimbap sauce. With a mild hint of spice and a sweet lingering aftertaste.

Korean Garlic Soy Sauce

As its name suggests, our Korean Garlic Soy Sauce is savoury yet non-spicy.

Kung Pao Sauce

Our traditional Kung Pao Sauce is mildly sweetened with a tinge of spiciness added to it for a more complex flavour.

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