Our Ready to Eat Process

1. Import Quality Meat

We partner with trusted and respected high-quality meat exporters from around the globe.

2. In-house R&D Team

Our in-house R&D team along with our culinary qualified chef brings you the essence of good, preservative-free food with our food science research.

3. Blast Frozen & Packaged

Unlike your freezers at home, our shock freezers rapidly bring down the temperature of fresh produce which does less damage and preserves food at a higher quality.

4. Pick From A Variety of Meal Kits

Choose from an increasing variety of ready to eat meal kits delivered directly to your doorstep.

5. Heat Up Within a Few Minutes

Heat up your meals with our step by step heating instructions.

Our Selection of Ready Meals

We have a variety of ready to eat meals and snacks that are pre-cooked and blast frozen. They can be eaten immediately or heated up within a few minutes. 

Ready to Eat

Duck Leg Confit with Mashed Potatoes & Sauce

I'm Chef | Singapore
Ready to Eat

Prawn Paste Chicken (Har Cheong Gai)

Kampong Flavours | Singapore
Ready to Eat

Beef Jerky Original Flavour

I'm Chef | Singapore
Ready to Eat

Boiled Beef Lungs (Paru Rebus)

Kampong Flavours | Singapore
500g, 1kg
Ready to Eat

Beef Rendang & Lemang Set (2-3pax)

Kampong Flavours | Singapore
Ready to Eat

Chicken Rendang & Lemang Set (2-3pax)

Kampong Flavours | Singapore