3 Taste (Tiga Rasa) Sauce, 60g


3 Taste (Tiga Rasa) Sauce, 60g

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With non-spicy savoury ketchup as its base, the 3 Taste (Tiga Rasa) sauce has a clean taste with a hint of bite-sized chilli flakes to put a spicy tang to it. Our 3 Taste Sauce could be used straight up as the sauce base for your chilli crab endeavours in the kitchen.

✔ Halal-certified
✔ No chemical preservatives
✔ No artificial sweeteners

Note: We use high quality, certified food-safe packaging for our sauce sachet. The packaging is suitable for storing (up to -20°C) and reheating (up to 120°C)

Instructions for sauces: Take out from the freezer and leave to thaw for 10mins to room temperature. Alternatively put in hot water to heat it up. Can be microwaved [1 min]

*Sauces have a shelf life of 1 year, once thawed shelf life is 3 weeks.*