WX Ranger Valley Striploin (MB 5+), 400g (2 pcs)


WX Ranger Valley Wagyu Striploin (MB 5+), 400g (2 x 200g)

  • $59.00

WX Rangers Valley Striploin is preferred for its unique cut that locks in the flavour, making it soft, tender and juicy. The fat in wagyu has a melting point lower than the human body temperature – making it melt in your mouth.

✔ Consistent Marbling Scores (MB 5+)
✔ 100% Wagyu Crossed with Superior Range of Breeds
✔ 100% Hormone Growth Promotant (HGP) Free
✔ Halal-certified

Suggested cooking method: Barbeque grilling, pan sear, oven bake

100% Fresh and Chilled. The natural colour and the weight of the actual products may be slightly different from those shown on site.