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Angus Flank Steak / Free Range / Grass fed / YP Grade

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Weight: 500g


Frozen Australia, Singapore Angus, Grass Fed Barbecue, Grill, Pan Sear, Roast
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Freshly imported hand-selected grass-fed beef from Australia. Young Prime grade. Flank steak is one of the “flat” steaks and is a versatile and flavorful cut of beef. The flank steak comes from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the cow. It is often the cut used in London broil, Mexican fajitas, and Chinese stir-fried beef.

Flank steak also takes up marinades well, so give them a nice rub and off to the grill!

TIPS: Remember to not overcook this lean slab of steak and to cut them against the grain.

Young Prime Grade (Below 36 months of age)
100% Australian Heritage
100% Free Range
100% Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Halal-certified Flank Steak

100% Fresh and Chilled. The natural colour and the weight of the actual products may be slightly different from those shown on site.

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Suggested cooking method for flank steak: Suitable for marination, grilling, roasting, broiling, or sautéing.

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