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Pure South

Pure South New Zealand Grass Fed Beef Striploin

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Weight: 300g, 1.5kg


Chilled New Zealand
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Pure South Striploin is a highly sought after cut for its tender texture and is one of the most flavorsome steaks. It has a distinctively good flavor as it is 100% Grass-Fed, with maximum juiciness thanks to the marbling and a narrow fat cover.

This muscle doesn?t do too much work and is typically quite tender that cook evenly and quickly with a great beef flavor and a nice chew. This steak is so delicious that it doesn?t need much more than a little salt and pepper.

– State: Chilled
– Halal Certified

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Also called Sirloin or Porterhouse (Depending On What Country You?re From) this is cut from the boned loin.

Ideal for the BBQ or pan-fried, it is a fantastic choice for restaurant quality steak at your door.

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