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Wagyu Rump Slice Shabu Shabu (MB 4-5)

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Weight: 300g, 500g


Frozen Australia Wagyu Hotpot, Pan Seared
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The marbling melts to unleashes a gloriously rich mouthfeel and exceptional juiciness to satisfy the discerning taste buds. Made from the highly prized Wagyu beef, Butcher’s Guide Wagyu Beef Rump Shabu Shabu is known for the gorgeous marbling that dissolves in mouth and infuses it with a luscious rich beef flavour. It is sliced to the perfect thickness for hotpot shabu shabu.

Unparalleled in taste
Tender, juicy and flavoursome
Halal Certified Wagyu Beef Rump Shabu Shabu

100% Freshly frozen.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Good stuff, meat was a little darker red but after opening the vacuum pack was less dark. Would think its vacuum pack so no contact with oxygen. Taste good though, beefy and marbling was good.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The wagyu rump slice was slightly thicker cut than the striploin wagyu Shabu Shabu that I ordered as well. Both combination were good, thicker slice have got a fuller mouthful while the striploin wagyu Shabu Shabu was addictively good and well marbled. Recommended.

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