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Chicken Protein Box / Freezer Friendly

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Weight: 4kg


Frozen Singapore Bake, Barbecue, Boil, Grill, Pan Sear, Roast, Steam, Stir-Fry
Serves 12-14 meals   Skill:  
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With over 800 grams of lean protein and 4kg of chicken in this tastefully curated box, look no further for all the nutrients that a body needs. Perfect for meal prepping too!

Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein and amino acids. Rich in many minerals like calcium and phosphorous, both of which are known to keep bones in prime health. It also has selenium which has been known to cut the risk of arthritis.


  1. Brined Chicken Breast (1.5kg/ 6 pcs) – Lovingly soaked in a solution of kosher salt and water for 12 hours. A small amount of sugar is added thereafter, to help the outsides of the chicken brown and caramelise when cooked. Brining adds flavour to lean meats such as Chicken Breast, but also keeps it juicy no matter how it’s cooked.
  2. Minced Chicken (2x500g) – Here’s to endless possibilities with pairing options such as salads, bao buns, cutlets, pies, etc.
  3. Seasoned Chicken meatballs (2x500g) – Freshly made from wholesome chicken, especially rolled, moulded and seasoned with an in-house blend of herbs and spices such as garlic, oregano and paprika, just to name a few. Locally produced in Singapore with no fillers, artificial colours, preservatives or added flavours.
  4. Cajun Marinated Chicken Cubes (500g) – Perfect balanced earthy flavours with a nice kick of pepper and a zesty profile. Marinated in a blend of paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, thyme and oregano, makes it one of the favourite blends of spices at CS Foods.

Halal certified Chicken Protein box

100% Freshly Frozen. The natural colour and the weight of the actual products may be slightly different from those shown on site.

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Brining is the process of submerging a cut of meat into a solution of salt and water.

Why bother?
Chicken breast is very lean and can dry out during the cooking process. Brined chicken breast traps the juices in and avoids the dehydration of meat during cooking.

The result?
One satisfying piece of juicy chicken breast.

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