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Experimenting Beef Cuts Box

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Weight: 2.1kg


Chilled/Frozen Australia Barbecue, Grill, Pan Sear
Serves 7-8 pax   Skill:  
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The box to help figure out the cut of steak of your choice. Do you prefer ribeye, striploin, tenderloin or a flank steak? Understand the flavour profile, texture and tenderness of different cuts and choose your steak based on what you crave on a particular day. Experiment with different cuts with a fair comparison of the same YP grade, grass-fed, Australian and Angus breed. Have a tasting steak session and identify the cut you like most!

Grass-fed Australian Angus Ribeye YP Grade (chilled) 2/300g
Grass-fed Australian Angus striploin YP Grade (chilled) 2/260g
Grass-fed Australian Angus tenderloin YP Grade (chilled) 2/250g
Grass-fed Australian Angus Flank Steak YP Grade (frozen) 1/500g
Garlic Herb butter 50gm x 2
Yuzu butter 50gm x 2

Add on our honey baked wings, Roasted hot wings, garlic bread and more!

Halal Certified.

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Cooking methods: Over the grill, barbecue, pan sear over iron cast pan, sous vide

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