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Duck Leg Confit with Mashed Potatoes & Sauce

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Ready to Eat Singapore Pan Sear
Serves 1   Skill: Sous-Chef   15 to 20 mins
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I’m Chef Duck Leg Confit is a ready-to-eat home meal kit of 1 pax serving size with all-inclusive ingredients that are ready to be heated up and served. Our duck confit is prepared from 100% quality duck leg, mashed potatoes made from fresh potatoes, and in-house recipe sauce. Fine dining at home. 

Steps: Thaw duck leg, mashed potatoes and sauce to room temperature

Duck Leg Confit:
Preheat the non-stick pan, maintain at medium-high heat. Remove duck leg from the pack. First, pan-sear skin side down for 2-3 mins until crust is golden brown. Turn over and repeat for 2-3mins.

Sauce and Mashed Potatoes:
Bring a pot of water to boul. Turn off the heat and place both sauce and mashed potatoes (with the pack) into the pot, cover with a lid and leave it for 15-20mins.

Plate and ready to serve!

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Sear and reheat product on pan, ready to be served.

Perfectly rendered and seasoned duck leg confit ready to be pan-seared to the best combination of crackling skin and right off the bone tender meat. With I’m Chef, we prepare and you cook a whole meal within 20 minutes and ready to be served.

A classic tradition of food preservation where the duck leg is rendered in its own fat creating a moist, tender and extremely flavorful meat at the same time preserving the shelf life.

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