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Satay Marinated Beef Lungs (cooked)

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Weight: 1kg


Frozen, Ready to Eat Singapore Barbecue, Grill, Oven Baked, Pan Sear
Serves 3 - 4   Skill: Apprentice   5 to 10 mins
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Marinated cooked beef lung with our in-house local favourite satay sauce! Our favourite heating method is to grill or barbecue the satay beef lungs and share them with your family and friends. perfect new dish for hosting your family and guest.

Serves 3-4 pax.

A twist to local favourite satay, try them with our beef lung. Organs are great sources of iron and protein! Super sedap appetiser and as a dish!

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Thaw to room temperature.

Heat up the already cooked satay marinated beef lungs through microwave, pan sear, bbq or in the oven.

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