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Chicken Collagen Soup

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Weight: 500g, 2kg


Ready to Eat Singapore Boil, Hotpot
Serves 1 - 2, Serves 5-6   Skill: Apprentice  
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Quintessential Chicken Collagen Soup / Bone Broth for all your meals.

Meticulously slow boiled for 10 hours to extract the essence of fresh chicken flesh and bones. What’s left is refined, thick chicken collagen broth, that is both delicious and nourishing.

Our chicken collagen broth sets the base for cooking unsurpassable dishes. Your next dish is bound to be your best dish yet.

Trans fat-free
No added MSG and preservatives
Benefits of Collagen
Halal Certified Chicken Collagen

Use our versatile collagen soup for noodle soups, pho, ramen and hotpot/steamboat soup.

The thick chicken broth also bestows a savoury base for cooking porridge, Korean army stew, pasta and more, accentuating flavours.

Heating Instructions:
Thaw frozen Chicken Collagen Soup.
When in jelly state, pour content out for use and bring to boil.
Optional: Add water if desired.

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