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Fire Cracker Sauce

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Weight: 60g


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As the name suggests, it’s an explosion of flavour burst of spice, sweet, a touch of tang and savoury. It can be used to dip in with grilled meats or fish, or even used to glaze with and cooked down.


No chemical preservatives

No artificial sweeteners

Note: We use high quality, certified food-safe packaging for our sauce sachet. The packaging is suitable for storing (up to -20°C) and reheating (up to 120°C)

*Sauces have a shelf life of 1 year, once thawed shelf life is 3 weeks.*

Instructions for sauces: Take out from freezer and leave to thaw for 10 mins to room temperature. Alternatively put in hot water to heat it up. Can be microwaved [1 min]

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